notfoundyet/Laia Fabre & Thomas Kasebacher: THIS IS SO F*** DANCE! (2014)

brut, Wien

© notfoundyet

Created by Laia Fabre & Thomas Kasebacher
Featuring Laia Fabre, Arttu Palmio, Nicholas Hoffman, Thomas Kasebacher
Artistic coaching Gérald Kurdian
Costumes Lise Lendais
Music Nicholas Hoffman

In THIS IS SO F*** DANCE! the artist duo Laia Fabre and Thomas Kasebacher delve into popular culture focusing on folk dance and its community-forming function. Combining various elements of music, singing and dance they ask how dealing with traditions and values can be reconciled with today’s society coined by popular culture. With regard to traditional folk dance, the focus is on a new kind of symbiosis from touching, moving and sociability. THIS IS SO F*** DANCE! will lure its audience into a new world of wild dancing, dubious devices and a soundtrack produced by the performers themselves. In the end the biggest challenge for the audience will be to remain quiet in their seats. Let THIS IS SO F*** DANCE! shake your ground!

THIS IS SO F*** DANCE ! / TRAILER from laia fabre / notfoundyet on Vimeo.

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