(c) Stefanie Knobel & Sofia Bempeza

Contact Improvisation for Penelope, 2017

Penelope stands for the oligarch’s woman. She is a woman with an adorable social status. She is a prototype female figure, a time-less value. Women of the Penelope type are classic. Penelope is a person with visions. Her objectives are family and individual excellence, education, philanthropy, and civic responsibility.

Contact improvisation for Penelope is a performance, which addresses the contemporary pursuit of wealth, inheritance, and prestige linked to labor force and seduction. Contact Improvisation for Penelope highlights performativity, moral codes, and societal standards.

Performance by Sofia Bempeza & Stefanie Knobel

with Arttu Palmio, Ines Kleesattel, Dimitry Askerov

Salon Miroir at Hotel Eden au Lac, Utoquai 45 Zurich

The performance takes place on may 28, 7pm & 9pm at Hotel Eden au Lac, Zurich

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