brut Wien

WE WERE NEVER ONE Trailer from karin pauer on Vimeo.


Artistic direction: Karin Pauer

Artistic assistance: Arttu Palmio

Performance, choreography: Anna Biczok, Arttu Palmio, Hugo Le Brigand, Karin Pauer

Objects: Maureen Kaegi

Sound: Paolo Monti/the starpillow / Record label Dissipatio Records

Lighting design: Sveta Schwin

Lighting technology: Nicholas Langer

Costume design: Karin Pauer

Production management: mollusca productions

A co-production by Kunstverein ARGO, brut Wien, and MDT Stockholm
With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, Civil Service and Sport, and Life Long Burning – Towards a sustainable Eco-System for Contemporary Dance in Europe (2018–2022, funded by the European Union’s Creative Crossroads programme) as well as the „Workshop Foundation“ Budapest.